Henry Everett
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Happiour: Case Study


Happiour is a hyper-local food and drink offers platform. I worked on the design, development and product management of the Happiour consumer app as part of a small team. The app went through various iterations and feature and design decisions were made based on quantitive usage data from our analytics monitoring and qualitative insights from talking directly to our users.

One of the initial requirements for the app was an in-built chat function which allowed users to add friends, invite them to offers and chat to them within Happiour. I monitored KPI events I had set up throughout the app and discovered that users simply weren't interested in using the chat feature. Not only were they not adding friends, an AB test revealed that they were actually dropping off the app during the redemption flow when presented with an opportunity to add friends. I redesigned the offer screen and removed the in-app social features in lieu of easy ways to share the offer on existing social networks. As a result, we saw an uptick of both redemption conversions and sharing of offers within the users' preferred networks.


Arguably the biggest challenge the Happiour app faced was accurate tracking of redemptions. Without a comprehensive barcode scanning system, it was difficult to verify whether someone had really redeemed an offer or had just clicked redeem while tapping through the app. Real redemptions weren't always counted because users would sometimes show the vendor the offer view without tapping redeem. Our vendors were often rushed off their feet and were unable to provide us with accurate redemption numbers. After a lot of consideration and research, I designed and built a system which I named Auto Redemption. It worked by taking various factors into account such as the user's location, the time of day and actions within the app to build a confidence score against each redemption. If a user was sat at home and pressed Redeem, their location would reveal that this wasn't a real redemption. Likewise if the user had the appropriate view open at the right time, in the right location. We could count that as a redemption. Our reporting was greatly improved as a result of this change and we were able to work with much more accurate data.

The original version of the Happiour app before I took over responsibility for the design.

The original version of the Happiour app before I took over responsibility for the design.

I focussed on making each iteration of the app an improvement on the last from both a UI and UX perspective. Each design cycle would first involve going out to our offer locations and talking to our users. From their feedback we could draw up a short term roadmap and prototype and iterate on new and existing feature designs. Once an update was released I would monitor any key metrics and take any learning into the next cycle. As a result, user journeys were shortened, the interface was made clearer with better affordance and we made it easier than ever to connect people with delicious food offers.